Synthetic DNA of Unlimited Length

Ribbon Biolabs raises 18 M EUR Series A Financing

Next level DNA synthesis

Ribbon Biolabs revolutionary technology for the fast and efficient automated synthesis of DNA is here to enable the new wave of biotechnological innovation.

Through our unique technology combining biochemistry, computing and automation, Ribbon Biolabs will make complex DNA accessible and affordable for our customers in the biotech industry and in academia. 

Ribbon Biolabs wants to place itself as the key player in synthetic DNA of any complexity, empowering its customers to tackle challenges and develop products  that today are only possible in our imagination.

A breakthrough in DNA synthesis

By synthesising DNA molecules longer than 10.000 basepairs, Ribbon Biolabs hits a major milestone that goes beyond the present technological capabilities for the de novo synthesis fo DNA and redefines the current industry standards.

These achievements prove the capability and the potential of Ribbon Biolabs’ in-house synthesis platform InfiniSynth, a technology involving machine-learning and robotic automation for the enzymatic assembly of long DNA molecules.

Accelerate your R&D

We make synthetic DNA of any length available for your innovative application in biotechnology, biopharma or academic research. Whether you need long DNA molecules or variant libraries – with our radically novel technology, you will have it at hand in only days and at affordable cost.

Invest in the future of biotech

Synthetic biology is not only one of the most rapidly growing markets, it also has disruptive potential. The major bottleneck for its advance is the availability of  synthetic DNA. Ribbon Biolabs’ cost-efficient platform for automated high-throughput production of long and complex DNA molecules will help to overcome this impediment.

Invest in the future of biotech

Synthetic biology is one of the most rapidly growing markets and has disruptive potential for many industries. The major bottleneck for its advance is the availability of synthetic DNA. Ribbon Biolabs’ platform for automated high-throughput production of long DNA will help to overcome this impediment.

Join our team

As an early-stage startup company with ambitious growth plans we are always looking for talented people to expand our diverse and interdisciplinary team. Besides a workplace in one of the most liveable cities of the world and a new state-of-the art laboratory we offer the opportunity to grow with the company.

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Ribbon Biolabs is Falling Walls Winner 2022

We are thrilled to be shortlisted as one of 25 winners of the Falling Walls Venture 2022!  Falling Walls Venture is a global platform for the most promising science start-ups who have successfully turned science into business, proving how entrepreneurial solutions can...

Ribbon Biolabs is ‘Born Global Champion 2022’

Ribbon Biolabs is very honoured to be one of 15 innovative Start-ups awarded as 'Born Global Champions'. The award is presented annually by the Austrian Economic Chamber to young companies that have succeeded in positioning innovative products and services worldwide...

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Last week, U.S. President Biden gave his “Cancer Moonshot” speech reveiling an ambitious plan to reduce the cancer death rate by half within 25 years. We applaude the efforts made by this initiative and admire the determination to take on such an important and ambitious goal.

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Amazing news! By breaking the wall of #DNASynthesis, @ribbonbiolabs has been shortlisted for Falling Walls Venture 2022!
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