The Next Level of Synthetic Biology

Need long DNA?

Complex DNA made simple

Whether you want to build entire genomes, libraries for high-throughput CRISPR or antibody screening, develop new products based on DNA, store information, compute with DNA, build DNA-based nanotechnological devices, or whichever your innovative application is, at Ribbon Biolabs you will find tailored solutions to address your needs!

DNA molecules

of kilo-base pair length 
with complex sequences

Variant Libraries

of a template DNA sequence


Delivered within days


100% accurate

No sequence restrictions

Accelerate your R&D

We make synthetic genes available for your innovative application in biotechnology and biopharma. Focus on your research or development project instead of losing precious time to the production of your starting material.

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Our Technology

A unique and radically novel technology for the high throughput synthesis of long DNA molecules and DNA libraries.

Ribbon Biolabs has rethought the way synthetic DNA is assembled. Our patented technology is based on a unique combination of biochemistry, state-of-the art algorithmics and robotic automation. This combination allows for a seamless workflow that is cost-effective, accurate and unprecedently fast.

  • Precise enzymatic synthesis in microfluidic reactions
  • Unique algorithmic process integration with machine-learning optimization
  • Multiplexed parallel assembly driven by automated adaptive control

Synthetic Biology

We believe that Synthetic Biology is not only the hottest Life Sciences industry segment but also the starting point of the next industrial revolution. Many considered it to have disruptive potential for future technological development – and to bear the answers to many challenges the world is facing today.

Harnessing the power of synthetic DNA holds potential to reveal numerous future solutions and applications: biofuel produced in algae tanks, artificial spider silk or digital data stored in DNA are only some applications that are already undergoing development. Having faster access to synthetic genes will boost scientific insight and accelerate the development of products and solutions.


Health and Biopharma

Already today, synthetic DNA is a fundamental component for antibody production or the development of therapeutics and vaccines. The future impact in this field alone will already be tremendous.

Agriculture and Nutrition

Innovative future solutions based on Synthetic Biology will increase productivity and nutritional quality of agricultural products, reducing the consumption of fertilizers and pesticides, and contribute to ensuring sustainable farming.

Data Storage

DNA has evolved to store information ever since the beginning of life on earth. Utilizing it also for digital data storage bears the tremendous potential to keeping pace with the rapidly growing amount of information and increasing demand for ultra-high-density data storage technology.

Biofuels and Biotech products

Harnessing Synthetic Biology will allow the replacement of a wide range of contemporary products that still rely on petroleum or petrochemicals, with more sustainable alternatives derived from renewable resources.