A great moment in Ribbon Biolabs’ journey!

Five years after Ribbon Biolabs has been founded and a couple of months after our first team members moved in, we officially opened the doors of our headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

For Ribbon Biolabs, this marks a milestone in our company developement and we were honored to celebrate this  momentous occasion with numerous of our partners, stakeholders, peers, and friends.

From a small R&D site, we have expanded our business to an over 1.000 square meter hub for Ribbon Biolabs, where we have successfully implemented our InfiniSynth™ platform for automated assembly of sequence-agnostic and long DNA. Ribbon has already achieved the synthesis of DNA sequences up to 20 kbp with no limitations, regardless of challenging sequences with high GC content and repeats.

In line with our spatial expansion, we now have 40 employees from over 25 nations working to change the way DNA synthesis is achieved. With our new headquarters and US offices, we are continually increasing our capabilities to serve our partners and grow our business globally.

We are grateful to everyone who joined us for the opening of our headquarters and for celebrating this special day with us. We are also excited to be part of the local biotech scene with Vienna as our hub while establishing ourselves as the name in the life sciences for long, synthetic DNA sequences worldwide.