We are very proud to announce the issuance of our first U.S. patent (US 11352619 B2covering our novel method for synthesizing double stranded DNA using a diverse library of oligonucleotides. The patent enables us to proprietarily exploit our differentiating technology for fast, accurate, cost-effective, long DNA synthesis. We look forward to further strengthening our IP position as we progress towards becoming the partner of choice for synthesizing long DNA molecules.

“Our novel method of fast, accurate, cost-effective DNA synthesis constitutes the basis of Ribbon Biolabs’ proprietary capabilities, and the grant of this patent serves as a validation of our highly differentiated solution for synthetic biology,” commented Harold P. de Vladar, CEO and founder of Ribbon Biolabs. “Previous methods for automated DNA synthesis have been limited in their applicability due to restricted lengths possible to produce and extended development timelines. We look forward to the further expansion of our intellectual property portfolio and our growing collaborations focused on driving innovation in the biotechnology, biopharma and academic research arenas.”

Ribbon Biolabs’ novel approach to synthesizing DNA as described in the patent comprises a pre-built library of oligonucleotides, or shorter genetic sequences, that has been streamlined for efficient access, with reduced time and cost constraints that are further enhanced by an assembly workflow producing long polynucleotides accurately and without mismatches. This method optimizes the throughput time required to synthesize target DNA which has enabled the company to produce lengths beyond 10,000 base pairs efficiently and with high speed, including the recent successful synthetization of a 20,000 bp molecule for an undisclosed pharma client.


About Ribbon Biolabs

Ribbon Biolabs is a synthetic biology company advancing a new technology for the automated synthesis of long DNA molecules to enable innovation in the life sciences. With its proprietary technology in place, Ribbon Biolabs aims to be an inflection point in the continuing growth of the Bio-Economy by becoming the leading partner for long DNA molecules.

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